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In the midst of COVID-19, our services and presence in the abuse services arena is ever more needed. Many are being shut-in (quarantined) at home with their tormentors and abusers while others are experiencing abuse at work. In any circumstance, this can quickly reach its boiling point!

Abuse Refuge Org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our charitable and life-saving activities will soon be taking place around the globe. Support and contribute to help us to provide better lives and resources for the many “Abused Survivors”.

Abuse Refuge Org is poised to be the definitive leader in the Abuse Care Industry.  Ours is to “Breathe Life”.  We strive to grant victims clarity of their past and the present as well as to the many and multiple afflicted “Abused Survivors” so they can proceed with their futures “Scot Free” from their woes and their tortures.  We advance these “No Longer” tortured souls closer and closer towards their “Soul Graduation”!

In being a non-profit organization, our very existence is dependent upon our generous Donors.

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Breathe Life,


Kelly Dehn
Global & (US) National Executive Director
Abuse Refuge Org

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